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Gas Installations AlbertonGas Installations Alberton is a gas company and gas contractor based in Alberton. All Out Gas Installations Alberton have been in the Gas industry for more than a decade. We’re accredited with the LP Gas Association of South Africa. Providing domestic gas installations and repairs in Alberton. For most gas appliances and heating systems like Gas Water Heaters. Fireplaces. Ovens. Outdoor Fireplace. Stoves. Gas Lights. Hobs. Cooktop. Convection and Gas Burner.

With years of experience, Gas Installer Alberton. Take great pride in offering quality services. Our Gas Fitters in Alberton will assist you with all your home appliance needs. No matter what appliance brand you need we know them all. From DEFY to Kelvinator. Delongi. Delta. Zero. Alva. Bosch. Elba. Jetmaster. Whirlpool. Siemens and more. For help or information Call 071-351-5832 trusted LP Gas Installers in Alberton!

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Gas Services Alberton

Gas InstallationsGas Installations

Alberton Gas Installation Services – Gas Installation in Alberton. Our Alberton Gas Installers offer a wide range of domestic gas installation services. From Appliance installation to Gas Heating installation. Gas piping. Gas Hob Installation. Fireplace installation. Gas Water heater installation. Furnace installation. Gas Stove and Geyser Installations in Alberton.

Gas RepairsGas Repairs

Alberton Gas Repair Services – Need Gas Repair in Alberton? Do you smell gas? Is your gas line leaking? It’s important that your gas works. That’s why we provide domestic gas repair services in Alberton. From Leak detection to check for Gas leaks to Gas Pipe repair. Furnace repair. Gas Leak repair. Water heater repair and Heater repair in Alberton.

GAS COC CertificateGAS COC Certificate

From 2009 all gas installations must have a Gas Certificate of Compliance or COC. Having a certificate means that your installation is safe and free of any gas leaks. When buying or selling a property, the Gas Compliance Certificate has to be, issued as part of the sale. At All Out Gas Installers Alberton issue a Gas Certificate of Compliance. With every Installation we do.

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The reputation of a business is always judged by the customer exexperience. Read what ordinary, everyday customers say about us as a business. As well as the products and services we offer. If you would like to leave a review. Visit the contact and complete the onine form.

Gas Ranges

Our gas range includes gas stoves, geysers, fireplaces, hobs, ovens and heaters.

Gas Stoves

Gas StovesNeed an easy-to-use, durable and cost-effective way to cook? Get a Gas Stove! They provide better cooktop control. Allowing you to control the heat while cooking. A gas cooker does not need time to warm up like an electric stove and it’s easy to clean. All Out Gas are are certified Gas Cooker and Gas Stove Installers in Alberton. We provide¬†Gas Stove Installations in Alberton.

Gas Geysers

Gas GeysersSave energy with a tankless water heater. Tankless water heaters are one third cheaper than an electric water heater. Switch to a natural gas water heater with All Out Gas. We offer Gas Water Heater, Gas Geyser Installations in Alberton. Including supplying the gas piping, hose, regulator, shut off valves and fittings. Carried out by certified Gas Water Heater, Gas Geyser Installers in Alberton.

Gas Fireplace

Gas FireplaceKeep warm in winter with an energy saving Gas Fire Place. Gas Fireplaces provide constant heat unlike a wood-burning fireplace. They come with stylish fireplace inserts. Easy to operate and no cleaning needed. At All Out Gas Our LPG Gas Fireplace Installers in Alberton . We’re happy to help you with your home heating needs. By providing Gas Fireplace Installations in Alberton.

Gas Heaters

Gas HeatersTired of the high costs of electric heating? Then it’s time to switch to gas heating like gas central heating or a gas heater. They offer warmer air, are reliable and healtheir for your family. Here at All Out Gas our registered Gas Heater Installers in Alberton. Provide cost effective Gas Heater Installations in Alberton for any size home.

Gas Installations Alberton FAQ

Need answers to questions you may have on products and services we provide? Provided below are answers to questions we get asked by customers. If you have a question you would liike to ask us. Please visit the Contact and complete the online form.

FAQDo You Charge A Call Out Fee?

No we don’t charge a call out fee. We come out to your home first, assess what your gas neeeds are. Then we provide you with a no obligation quote. For you to go over and decide on options.


Are You A Registered Gas Installer?

Yes we are. We are LP accredited gas installers with the LPGSASA. Since 2009 all gas installations are required to be done by an accredited installer.


Do You Provide A Wormanship Warranty?

Yes we do. All gas products and gas appliances we supply carry a manufacturer warranty, specified by the manufacturer. All gas services we provide carries a 6-month workmanship warranty.


Is Using Gas Safe?

Yes it is. However you should make sure that the installation is done by an accredited installer. As well as ensure your home has the proper ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.


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